Prepco Island Vacations & Tours, LLC - A specialist US based travel company for the Isles of Scilly. A member of the Isles of Scilly Partnership

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Dated September 2016 - Revision A
Prepco Island Vacations and Tours LLC
(Herein known as the Company)


The Company strongly recommends that your travel plans are covered by Travel Insurance to give you peace of mind that in the event of disruption prior to, during or after your travel, your travel insurance policy will provide re-imbursement in part or in full for the following:


Pricing of your packaged vacation will be assessed following your inquiry. We will communicate on your behalf with our associate domestic and international airline company plus our associate travel company in England for train/ferry pricing (if train/ferry is needed within your vacation requirements) and all the hotels or other accommodations that match your requirements within your inquiry.

This personal method of pricing provides up-to-date costs to match your required dates of travel and allows us to negotiate to establish any lower priced deals that are offered particularly with the hotels and other types accommodation.

Pricing will be dependent on currency exchange rates at the time of booking. Air fares and other travel costs are subject to availability and change until ticketed, so the Company encourages you to finalize your vacation plans without delay.


The down payment confirmed within the offer provided by the Company will be required for ticketing purposes and deposit purposes for your chosen accommodation. The remaining amount to be paid in full no less than 2 months prior to your US departure date together with any other fees stated herein.


Consequences associated with a delayed payment will be beyond the control of the Company and may require the Company to re-negotiate on your behalf with third parties who are providing services for your vacation. A fee of $150.00 will be required for any re-negotiation on your behalf but the Company cannot guarantee to restore your plans at the quoted price once your payment is received.


In the event of a legitimate reason for cancellation, we will negotiate on your behalf with our associate domestic and international airline company, other travel service companies and the accommodation provider to establish the financial and/or practical implications of the cancellation. Cancellation within a period of 14 days before your US departure date may or could result in a minimal or zero refund amount or alternative travel dates that will be subject to availability and re-pricing.

Cancellation by the Company will be implemented if payments are not received as stated in the above Terms of Payment clause.