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One price package

Vacation Itinerary – Option 1 - via London Heathrow

Starting from your location in the US your arrival in England will be at Heathrow airport London

From Heathrow a short train ride to Paddington Station where the Great Western Railway will take you on a 5 hour train journey through the English countryside to Penzance in the South Western part of England. Enjoy First Class accommodation on the train and viewing the English countryside. Food and drink is available on the train.

Enjoy a relaxing evening in a hotel in Penzance in readiness for the Ferry to the Isles of Scilly the following morning. Food and drink will be available on the Scillonian III ferry.

Arriving at the main Island of St Marys your chosen accommodation will not be far.

There is so much variety of things to do and see on the Islands and after a 5 day/6 night stay, your return journey will include a 1 ¼ hour ‘Sky Bus’ flight from St Marys to Exeter in England.

From Exeter a 2 ½ hour train journey will take you back to Paddington and Heathrow for a relaxing stay in a Hotel in readiness for your flight back to the US the following day to complete a 10 day package.

As an optional addition, you may wish to increase your time of stay at the Hotel in Heathrow and take advantage of site seeing in London. Please let us know.

Package Example
  • Return flights to Heathrow
  • Great Western Railway – First Class accommodation
  • One night hotel in Penzance – Bed and Breakfast
  • Scillonian III Ferry to the Island of St Marys
  • 5 day/6 night accommodation – Bed and Breakfast
  • Sky Bus flight from St Marys to Exeter
  • Train from Exeter to Paddington Station
  • One night hotel Heathrow – Bed and Breakfast
  • Return flights to the USA