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Uninhabited Islands

Uninhabited islands Isles of Scilly

The most south-westerly lighthouse in Great Britain, stands on Bishop Rock – a 160ft high chunk of rock that is totally covered at spring tides. Bishop Rock forms part of what is known as the Western Rocks that took the lives of many sailors of the old ships over past centuries. No doubt, there must be evidence of ship wrecks remaining at the bottom of the sea, untouched and in a cocoon of history?

It is thought that all the islands may have been joined together as one large land mass but now, with names such as Great Arthur, Hangman’s Island, Old Man, Hunter’s Lump, Seal Rock and Great Cheese Rock, it’s a shivering thought of what the islands behold from past history

There are 140 or so uninhabited islands in the Isles of Scilly – uninhabited by humans that is! These islands are a haven for wildlife and seabirds and day trips by boat can be taken to some of these uninhabited islands to view the wonders and beauty they hold.

Uninhabited islands Isles of Scilly