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St Marys Isles of Scilly

The Island of Tresco is one of the reasons why the Isles of Scilly is like nowhere else in Great Britain. Tresco offers the world famous Tresco Abbey Garden that hosts a spectacular collection of more than 20,000 exotic plants some of which cannot be grown anywhere else in Britain because of temperate climate of the Isles of Scilly

Tresco is the second largest of the islands and the only one that is privately owned.

Bronze age burial sites, castle ruins and secluded sandy beaches enhance the beauty of this island.

Rental bikes are available to get around to explore the island or simply borrow a boat, windsurf or kayak from Tresco Sailing Club.

If staying on the Island of St. Mary’s, a day trip to Tresco highly recommended.

Tresco Isles of Scilly