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St. Martins

The island of St. Martins is just 2 miles in length offering some of the finest beaches in the British Isles. Taking a dip in the waters off the sweeping Par Beach or chilling on Bread and Cheese Cove, Great Bay or Little Bay gives relaxation to body and mind.

The island offers also spectacular flowers and other plant life plus rare birds and great sea views from the cliff paths.

The 120 or so inhabitants of the island offer a flower and vineyard open to visitors and a dive school offers underwater adventures and snorkeling with seals. Artists and a locally inspired silver jewelry designer offer a showcase gallery. For the pallet, a bakery full of artisan breads and traditional freshly made savories get the taste-buds working.

A store, off-license (for alcoholic beverages) and post office plus eateries for sumptuous lunches, light snacks and cream teas provide visitors all their daily needs when visiting for the day or if staying in accommodation across the island

St Martins Isles of Scilly