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St. Agnes

St Agnes Isles of Scilly

Take a cold beer at the Turk’s Head pub or satisfy the pallet with local produce at the restaurants or cafes.

Take a dip in the calm waters or just sit and watch the world go by while sipping that beer!

St. Agnes is approximately one mile across and at low tide it is joined by a sand bar with its closest neighbor Gugh.

The Old Man of Gugh stands at 10ft tall and is believed to be associated with Bronze Age rituals.

A lighthouse sits at the highest point of St. Agnes. Quaint cottages and flower fields provide further beauty of the island.

If you are not sipping at that beer you may prefer a sense of adventure by combing the beaches for shipwrecked treasures at Beady Pool or Periglis Beach is a fine picnic spot and a shell collectors’ paradise.

It’s a must to visit St. Agnes

St Agnes Isles of Scilly