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Each island is so very different, a statement so true for the Island of Bryher. The Atlantic waves pound the shores on one side of the island and in total contrast, calm sandy beaches on the other side offer peace and tranquility.

Bryher Isles of Scilly

Bryher is well known for the luxurious Hell Bay hotel that has received many an award and Jamie Oliver the well-known British celebrity chef, has hailed the Fraggle Rock bar as one of Britain’s best ‘boozers’ (British for pub or bar)

This small island was also the setting for the film ‘Why the Whales Came’ and Samson Hill at the end of the island was the site for birdman’s cottage.

The island offers tracks that crisscross its land and is dotted with stalls selling fresh produce such freshly caught sea food, mouth-watering island fudge, eggs and locally grown vegetables.

Boats and kayaks can be rented from boatyards on the island (but stay away from the Atlantic waves!) and the Bryher shop, the chandlery and artist’s studios enhance the simple pleasures of Bryher,

Bryher Isles of Scilly